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What is Mapped?

Mapped is our proprietary bio-psychological assessment meant for everone (Aged 2 to above) in identifying innate abilities and inclinations, on the basis of which they can attain authentic learning and make wise decisions while choosing subjects and planning for their careers and professions.

You should use Mapped, if you are a:

Parent who want to know about your child’s ability at an early age

Student of any class struggling to find your talent

College student or graduate struggling to identify your abilities

A working professional to plan a better career trajectory

Your fingerprint is unique. And so are you.

Make the most out of education, career, and life by knowing your innate abilities.

Mapped reveals each and every aspect about your personality and behaviour. Using this assessment, you can not only improve yourself, but also make better decisions about yourself.

Personality type

Learning modalities

Brain dominance

Multiple intelligence

Innate quotient

Acquiring sensitivities

How it Works

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Get Biometric Scan

One of our representatives will help you get your biometric data into our systems which basically includes getting your fingerprints scanned.

Get your personalized report

It takes a little while to build your data and churn insights from it. During this process, we also create a custom report specifically designed for you based on biometric scan.

Counseling Session

One of our counsellors will get in touch with you and fix a meeting. During the meeting, you will told about your inherent personality traits and what it means for you and your life.

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