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Started as an organization specializing in assessing human ability and intelligence, InQuad has come a long way in doing so. Our assessments have helped lakhs of students across India in utilizing their positive traits optimally and maximizing their potential.

Advances in cognitive psychology and neuroscience have spurred growth in our understanding of human intelligence and behavior. This has impacted how we learn and acquire knowledge. This in-turn reflects that the metrics we used to evaluate must evolve too.

InQuad is leading this evolution from the forefront.


What is InQuad?

InQuad helps students and professionals take better decisions for their careers by providing them a scientific assessment of their behaviour, capabilities, and intelligence.

In essence, we help you reveal yourself to you!

After completing 1,00,000+ talent assessments, helping 50+ schools, and associating with 40+ channel partners, we understand how to help you know about yourself.

Our Products


Reveal your behaviors, abilities, and skills using our proprietary Life Interpretive Analysis.

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Know which side your talent lies using scientific methods designed by a panel of psychologists.

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Talent Assessment for Professionals -TAP

Using scientific assessment tools, you learn about your candidates

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InQuad owe’s it success to a strong team of professionals

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