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What is EdVantage?

EdVantage is our proprietary psychometric analysis based assessment of your personality and aptitude. Small decisions during your schooling influence your career throughout your life. Designed by a panel of psychologists, it empowers you to take informed career decisions.

You should use EdVantage, if you are a:

Student studying in classes between 9 and 12

College student struggling to find the best career for you

Psychometric Assessments

Stream Identifier

There comes a time in each student’s life when he or she has to make a choice between subjects and streams which will eventually shape not only the career but also the life ahead. The purpose is not to merely build a career but also to build a life that is fulfilling, rewarding and joyful. This test will assist you in selecting the most appropriate pathways which suit not only your aptitude but also your temperament and natural propensities.

Commerce Domain

If you have opted for the commerce subjects, this report will provide you with a bird’s eye view of current options of Commerce stream. It will assess your aptitude for the various rewarding career options associated with subjects like logistics, Auditor.

Engineering Domain

If you have opted for the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) and are keen on making a career on Engineering & Technology, you will find that there are variety of choices before you. It is now a good time to check your aptitude for several broad areas.

Humanities Domain

If you have opted for the humanities subjects and are contemplating career options, there are many options before you and in fact the choices are much wider than ever before. The test will assess your aptitude for the various rewarding career options associated with subjects and will help you identify your career pathway.

Medical Domain

If you have opted for the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, (PCB) as your core subjects, there are several options for you to consider at college level. The healthcare and medical professions were earlier the obvious and most preferred ones traditionally but the past decades have opened this domain to several new career options.

90% marks doesn’t mean you are good for science.

Knowing your abilities help you choose a career stream that aligns with your potential.

Edvantage, which is based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, reveals your abilities across all the eight zones of intelligences. Thousands of students have used EdVantage to make better career choices.









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