Talent Assessment for Professionals

A simple and effective tool for measuring a summary of the person’s preferred management style, communication expectations and motivational needs.
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What is Talent Assessment for Professionals?

Our Talent Assessments for Professionals are designed to profile a range of abilities and attributes to facilitate correct recruiting, team fitment, managerial compatibility, training and development. Using scientific assessment tools, you learn about your candidates’ emotional, intelligence, adversity, and creativity quotient and how they will behave in your workplace.

You should use our Talent Assessment solutions, if you are:

A fresh graduate who is seeking for different jobs.

A working professional is looking to switch careers or change role in your company

A company looking to assess new candidates and hires

An HR looking to assess your current team for restructuring

How Our Talent Assessment Works

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We’re currently operating in five cities in India: Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Lucknow, and New Delhi. Visit our centre in any of these cities and book and appointment.

Get Biometric scanned

One of our representatives will help you get your biometric data into our systems which basically includes getting your fingerprints scanned.

Get your psychometric test done

It takes a little while to build your data and churn insights from it. During this process, a psychometric test is to be done.

Counselling session

One of our counsellors will get in touch with you and fix a meeting. During the meeting, you will be told about your personality, team factor, competency factor, corporate functionality and many other factors.

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Your hires can be more valuable for your company.

You can get various answers for your questions like:

Do the strengths match the job role?

What career development plan will suit the person?

What are the factors which impinge on his ability to work in a team?

And many more...

Personality type

Learning modalities

Acquiring sensitivities

Team Factor

Competency Factor

Corporate Functionality

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