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- How do I help my child to choose the right career option after school?

Identifying your child’s innate aptitude, personality, and interest of the child is the key. His/her comfort in particular subjects at grade 9 and 10 level and further at grade 11 & 12 level shall help us understand his/her aptitude.

Observing the child while being engaged in different activities will give us an insight about his/her personality. Activities which really interest him/her will show us his/her interest area. By aligning these three aspects, we can help him/her choose the right stream. You can also take help from an Expert Career Counsellor.

Get the child's assessment done at InQuad. We will assess the child to help him/her choose the right stream.

- What are the various streams available after class 10th?

In Indian education system, there are only 4 streams available after 10th. The child can choose to take Science A-Group (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Science B-Group (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Commerce Group (Accounts, Statistics, Economics, Business studies) or Arts/Humanities Group (History, Geography, Psychology, Political Science).

- My child is not good with mathematics. Will a lot of streams get closed for him if he leaves Math's after 10th?

Actually there are many streams which do not require hardcore mathematics. It’s mostly required if your child opts for sciences. Your son's inclination to maths and science in the early years may be an indication of a prodigy in the making, or not. However, you keep an open mind about his future. Plunging into a stream, could leave him an unhappy camper in years to come.

- My child wants to take a particular stream after 10th/12th because all his friends are going in that stream. What should I do?

This is not unusual. Children don’t have an idea and career counsellors at schools are often not equipped to show them all aspects. You need to meet an expert. Get the child's assessment done at InQuad. We will guide the child to choose the right stream.

- I want my child to join the family business. Which course is most suitable for him/her?

The course which he/she has the best interest in is the most suitable course. Pushing the child in a degree program matching your family business may not be the right thing to do. Rather give him/her a course of his/her interest which will make the child smart. Subsequently, he/she will be in a position to take your business forward.

The way the world is changing right now, any stream can give your child abilities that can help you improve your business.

- What course/Stream shall I choose if I wish to appear for IAS/IPS/UPSC/Civil Services Examination?

Any candidate with a minimum 21 Years of Age and having completed Graduation from ANY STREAM can appear for the Exam.

Traditionally, students preferred BA as graduation because it gave time for preparation. But lately, we see students from all fields--even from medicine and engineering--appearing and cracking the exam.

One latest trend which we see is students go 5 Year LAW after 12th and then give UPSC Exam. This helps them in three ways: Firstly, the legal studies are in line with the study requirements of UPSC, so preparation takes place automatically. Secondly, Legal Studies also open door to Judiciary Examinations. Thirdly, even if the candidate is unable to clear the exam, he/she has a professional degree in hand and can pursue profession as a lawyer.

All-in-all, you can choose any stream. We suggest you to choose the one you like and where your abilities are.

- Who can opt for architecture?

Students who are good in both creativity and technical subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) are the right candidates to pursue B.Arch. One needs to pursue PCM after 10th to appear for competitive exams for Architecture like NATA or JEE-MAIN (PAPER-2).

- How can I get into Teaching Profession?

If you are passionate about any one subject or group of similar subjects, you can pursue higher education in the specific subject field and get into teaching. You can be a Bachelor Degree holder with B.Ed. to enter in school teaching. In order to get into college teaching, you need to complete Masters program in education or the subject in which you want to teach.

Not to mention the key non-tangible traits you must carry:
* Dedication to teaching
* Capable of engaging students in learning
* The ability to develop relationships with their students
* Patient, caring, and kind personality
* Knowledge of learners

- Where can I pursue a degree in Interior Design/ Fashion Design?

In India, there is no specific degree in the area of interior or fashion design alone. One has to pursue a degree in Design and take elective/ specialization subject choice of interior/fashion design. That’s all you need to become an interior designer.

Apart from this, there are private institutes which give diploma/certification programs in various fields of design which include interior/fashion design as well that one can pursue along with any graduation degree after 12th. Also, there are Master level Programs available in these areas.

- How can I become an Ethical Hacker? Or is there a specific degree program I can pursue in Hacking or Cyber Security?

In India, there is no specific college degree program for hacking or cyber security at Bachelor Level. Ideally, you need to pursue a degree in computer application or information technology and take elective/ specialization subject of hacking and cyber security (If offered by the institute where one is studying) in the 3 or 4 th year of their graduation. You can even go for computer sciences.

By this method one can pursue one's dream. Apart from this there are private institutes which give diploma/certification programs in various fields of ethical hacking and cyber security, which one can pursue along with any graduation degree after 12th. Also, there are Master level Programs available in these areas.

- How can I become a Game Designer/Application Designer?

In India, there is no specific degree if you want to become a game designer or application design. One has to ideally pursue a degree in computer application or information technology and take elective/ specialization subject of game design. In any case, you need a degree if you want to work for a big game studio.

Preferably, if you start creating your own game designs during your graduation and get internships, you will have a great start in game designing.

- Where can I study Event Management?

Start with getting a bachelor’s degree, preferably in hospitality management, marketing, public relations, communications, or business. And while you’re pursuing your graduation, build your skills in communication, customer service, negotiation, and real-time problem solving.

You'll want to be organized and have advanced skills with online social media, basic computer skills with project management software knowledge, the ability to keep composed under pressure, and to be comfortable with video conferencing equipment.

- How can I become an Air Hostess/Stewart?

There’s no specific degree for this career. But it’s good if you begin with a professional course and also get a degree in either hotel management or tourism management.

However, if you want to become an air hostess, there are strict eligibility criteria. You need to be under 25 years to apply. If you are a male, your age limit is 26 years. A female aspirant has to be a minimum of 157.5 cm in height and a male aspirant be at least 163 cm.

- How can I become a pilot?

To become a pilot, aspirants need to join Air flying schools after completion of 10+2, they should pass the 10+2 exam with physics, chemistry, math. Minimum marks should be 50%.

That is, anyone with physics and mathematics in 12th grade (basically Science-A Group) can attain a Pilot License. The three stages are Student Pilot License followed by Private Pilot License and finally getting Commercial Pilot License from any Flying school approved by DGCA in India.

The candidate has to log a certain number of required flying hours along with passing tests as prescribed by the DGCA before one can fly an aircraft independently or as a Commercial Pilot.

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